Scorpion Automotive celebrates its 50th year as leader in global security and telematics.

Since its inception in 1973, Scorpion Automotive has grown to become a trusted provider to global vehicle manufacturers and the aftermarket in the specialist areas of automotive telematics and security.

Scorpion Automotive continues to research, develop, build, deliver and support its products and services across the world. From private individuals to vehicle manufacturers, from the UK to Australia, via Canada and the Middle East amongst other destinations.

The company made Chorley, Lancashire, its home in 2005 with Scorpion Automotive’s manufacturing plant now covering 19,500 ft² of state-of-the-art facilities that fully satisfies the most stringent quality standards and recommendations for the automotive industry.

Chorley is also home to the company’s central support functions such as the in-house R&D team and both Commercial and Client Operations which includes their 24/7 Monitoring Team who are on call all-year-round to continually help their subscribers and local authorities recover all types of vehicles fitted with a Scorpion Automotive solution.

Current Scorpion Automotive solutions include stand-alone or combinations of Security, Vision, Telematics, and the intelligent application of Speed Control features; now available in a smartphone friendly, affordable as-a-service model. The solutions are branded Datatool for motorcycle, scooter, ATV and UTV security and ScorpionTrack for cars, vans, HGVs, caravans, motorhomes, plant and agricultural vehicles.

Additionally, Scorpion Automotive manufacture physical products such as alarms, immobilisers, and other security devices. All contributing to an impressive comprehensive set of options for any vehicle owner or business fleet manager.

Over the years, Scorpion Automotive’s business growth and export strategy has been recognised by several industry award bodies, including being awarded both the Northern Automotive Alliance (NAA) ‘Company of the Year’ Award and the ‘Manufacturing Excellence’ Award. This followed with the Made in the UK Automotive Award, with the judges’ criteria being “the best-in-class when it comes to all elements of automotive manufacturing, concentrating on innovation and pioneering technology, alongside efficiency and sustainable growth”. Amongst tough and inspired competition, Scorpion Automotive was recognised as keeping UK automotive manufacturing on the map.

To ensure their success, Scorpion Automotive embrace the continuous and never-ending improvement model. Constantly adapting to stay one step ahead of both industry and consumer needs. One example followed the introduction by manufacturers of keyless vehicle entry which brought a brand-new challenge and threat to vehicle security. Scorpion Automotive developed an Automatic Driver Recognition Tag to combat this. The tag pairs with a Thatcham-approved tracker and needs to be present when a vehicle’s ignition is started. If not, this instantly alerts the Scorpion 24/7 Monitoring Team who get to work on determining the vehicle’s location and taking any appropriate action.

Through this initiative and others over the years, Scorpion Automotive have helped recover an enormous number of customer vehicles and possibly more importantly, prevented many times that number of thefts with the associated inconvenience and heartache.

The impressive journey to date of Scorpion Automotive has seen them become an acknowledged leader in their field. They continue to work with an enviable list of established manufacturers and brands. Recent initiatives with the likes of Honda and BMW on next generation solutions and the adoption of the as-a-service model, means that the next 50 years look bright for this UK-based innovator.