The Defender by Scorpion Automotive combines both a Scorpion alarm and a ScorpionTrack tracker, so you can relax knowing that your pride and joy is protected against sudden attack and potential theft.

We also offer the Defender X, which combines all three of our industry-leading security products; an S5 tracker, alarm, and X-Series CAN Bus immobiliser.


Defender by Scorpion Automotive allows you to enjoy all the features of a ScorpionTrack tracker, either S7/S5/S5+, as well as the further benefits of the Scorpion Automotive S-Series alarm. Defender X is the combination of a Defender S5 and Scorpion X-Series, where you benefit from the features listed for the CAN Bus immobiliser product.


If triggered, the alarm will sound and notify the user via the app, email or SMS. This is where the combination of a tracker kicks in, allowing us to track your vehicle and aid in recovery if stolen.

The unqiue combination of a ScorpionTrack S7 tracker and a Scorpion S37 Thatcham 2>1 CAN-Bus upgrade alarm. Benefit from 24/7 Monitoring, Global Coverage and Multiple Theft Alerts as well as access to the ScorpionTrack App that comes with a range of custom features for life on the road.

Includes everything as stated for Defender S7 as well as the addition of Key Clone Protection, coming with driver tags that need to be present when the engine is started.

Includes everything as stated for Defender S5 with the addition of Automatic Immobilisation. The vehicle will be immobilised and won’t start in the event of theft.

Benefit from all the features as stated for Defender S5 which includes a tracker and alarm, with the addition of our
Scorpion X-Series CAN Bus Immobiliser technology included.