Vehicle Safety & Compliance Products

A range of electronic safety products designed to improve safety and meet the compliance requirements of FORS, CLOCS and other standards.

HGV’s account for only 4% of UK road traffic but are involved in 20% of pedestrian fatalities and 78% of cyclist road deaths. In 2016, there were 463 fatalities and serious injuries involving HGV’s on UK roads.

FORS Compliance Products
FORS & CLOCS Compliance Product Packages

Telematics, camera, side scan and side alarm system packages.

Vehicle Camera, CCTV SystemsMulti-Camera, DVR & Live View Systems

Camera systems to provide evidence against fraudulent accusations, driving aids and improve road safety.

HGV Left Turn Warning AlarmHGV Audible Left Turn Warning Alarm

Left turn side warning alarms designed to alert pedestrians and cyclists that a vehicle is turning left.

HGV/LCV Ultrasonic Side Scan, Front Scan, Rear ScanHGV/LCV Side Scan, Front Rear Scan Ultrasonic Detection Systems

Installed to increase driver awareness of vulnerable road users and reduce incidents in the blind spot.

HGV Reverse Warning Alarm
HGV Reverse Warning Alarm (Night Silent)

Designed to alert pedestrians and cyclists that a vehicle is reversing.

Central Door LockingCentral Door Locking Systems

Central door locking motors, remote central locking and keyless entry upgrades.

Scorpion Parking SensorsUltrasonic Parking Sensors

The Scorpion range of vehicle sensing systems are some of the most advanced on the market today available for the light and heavy goods vehicle sector.

Handbrake Alert System

The handbrake alert is fitted to the vehicle’s existing audio system to allow a warning to be clearly heard through the vehicle audio speakers.

TMU Bulb Failure Monitoring

Intelligent bulb failure monitoring unit for HGV trailer lighting. Detects failure of LED and other low current lamps.