30 Day Free Trial Terms & Condition

When placing your order for a free 30 day trial of ScorpionTrack Fleet system, you hereby agree to accept the trial terms and conditions set out below:

  1. The free trial is only available to companies possessing a minimum of 10 company vehicles.
  1. With your agreement, Scorpion Automotive Ltd will install the STX70 ScorpionTrack GNSS Fleet Tracking device into a vehicle owned by your company, for use during a limited trial period of 30 days.
  2. If during or at the end of the agreed trial period you wish to continue with the service, you must:
  • give Scorpion Automotive email notification to: [email protected] or email your assigned Account Manager.
  • hereby agree to installation of the STX70 ScorpionTrack GNSS Fleet Tracking devices to a minimum of 10 company vehicles (including the vehicle in which the trial unit is fitted)
  • hereby agree to the appropriate installation and subscription charges as supplied by your Account Manager. A choice of payment options are available including an option to:
    • purchase the STX70 ScorpionTrack GNSS Fleet Tracking devices outright. As manufacturer, Scorpion and its Authorised Dealer network offer some of the most competitive purchase options on the market with costs from as little as 23p per vehicle.
    • alternatively, choose from a range of flexible lease options for your bespoke requirements. Quotes and monthly subscription charges are available from your Account Manager.

Example investment for a 3 year leasing option:

No. of Vehicles Total Monthly Cost Total Daily Cost Per Vehicle
10 £170.95 £0.55
25 £377.84 £0.50
50 £730.36 £0.48

Documentation fee of £135.

*Lease options provided By Lease & Business Finance Ltd a company authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Leasing is subject to credit approval and available to incorporated or LLP companies only. For further details please contact Lease and Business Finance, 2 Fournier House, 8 Tenby Street Birmingham B1 3AJ telephone: 0121 212 1114 We will continue to provide you with the ScorpionTrack Fleet system and service provision under the ScorpionTrack Standard Terms and Conditions.

  1. The device remains the property of Scorpion Automotive Ltd at all times unless the unit is purchased outright.
  1. If at the end of the agreed trial period (30 days after installation) you wish to discontinue with the service, you must give Scorpion Automotive Ltd engineer(s) access to your vehicle in order to de-install the equipment within 5 days of the end of the trial period. In this event, you will incur no costs whatsoever.
  1. If the equipment is lost, stolen or damaged, or if you fail to make the vehicle available for de-installation and return of the GPS tracking device within 5 days of the end of the trial period, you accept liability to purchase the equipment and SIM card at the retail price of £66 + VAT (covering the cost of the unit and installation); and a 1 year annual subscription at a rate of £82.50 + VAT.
  1. You accept responsibility to protect the SIM card against theft, loss or abuse, and liability for any costs incurred as a result of theft loss or abuse.

All prices shown are net of VAT.