As you may be aware, the previous Thatcham standards for tracking products (Cat 5, 6 and 7) changed on 31st December 2018 and the industry has now moved to the new S5-VTS (Vehicle Tracking Systems) and S7-ALS (Asset Location System) standards. Here’s a brief update of what it means to the ScorpionTrack product line.

Commonly known as S5 VTS and S7 ALS, the new standards are an evolution of the outgoing versions but importantly now, S5 VTS is a distinctly higher specification than S7 ALS.

S5 introduces the use of Automatic Driver Recognition (ADR) or ‘Driver ID’ tags, an additional layer of security to identify the authorised user of the vehicle. When the ignition is activated or movement of the protected vehicle detected, the tracking unit will attempt to detect the ADR tag and if the tag cannot be detected the unit will generate an alert to our 24/7 monitoring centre. S7 ALS systems do not utilise the Driver ID tags with vehicle use being ‘authorised’ via the ignition only.

Coinciding with the launch of its latest tracking solutions for private motorists, Scorpion has launched its new ScorpionTrack DRIVER brand. The brand will now encompass all tracking products that are aimed at the private motorist.

In doing so it will also distinguish private motorist tracking products (under the ScorpionTrack DRIVER umbrella) from tracking products aimed at organisations –  supported under the ScorpionTrack FLEET brand.

Unlike the former Category 5 criteria, S5-VTS permits the ADR tag to be kept on the keys highlighting the insurance industry’s intent to protect against the rise in keyless theft. Also starter motor immobilisation is not mandatory under the new S5-VTS criteria. However, Scorpion will be offering optional immobilisation for its new S5-VTS customers. For those customers choosing this option, immobilisation will automatically arm as and when the ADR tag is out of range. If a vehicle is stolen with the ADR tag, then upon confirmation of theft, the 24/7 Tracking Centre will be able to remotely immobilise the vehicle.

In terms of S7-ALS, all features remain the same as the former Category 6 criteria.

At the core of both ScorpionTrack DRIVER and ScorpionTrack FLEET offerings is the STX range of tracking devices designed and manufactured here in the UK by Scorpion. The STX utilises the multiple satellite constellations of GPS, GLONASS and Galileo and multi-network GSM to ensure ultimate performance in geographical coverage and reliability.

To find out more contact the Scorpion Sales Team us on 01253 249 928 (Option 1).