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Porsche 911 Owner Stolen Car Testimonial ScorpionTrack Vehicle Tracking

My company uses the ScorpionTrack Fleet product so I’m already well aware of the excellent location accuracy, outstanding service in tracking and working with the Police in recovering stolen vehicles. With their product’s precision and team’s professionalism, Scorpion are the elite, special forces of the tracking world! So, when I bought my new Mini Cooper S, there was no debate as to what tracking system I’d choose to be fitted in my car! I got the ScorpionTrack Stolen Vehicle Tracking system installed just a day after placing my order. As a result of having the ScorpionTrack system installed I’ve saved about £170 on my insurance, but what’s more important to me is the peace of mind I now have knowing that my car is ScorpionTrack protected as well as the benefits offered by the mobile app. Not only is this the best product of its kind on the market, it’s also designed and manufactured by Scorpion – right here in the UK. Keep up the excellent work.
Mr C Cooke
Mini Cooper S Owner

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