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Porsche 911 Owner Stolen Car Testimonial ScorpionTrack Vehicle Tracking

The Scorpion tracking team contacted me in the early hours of Sunday morning to advise that they had an alert from the tracker installed in my motorhome. They questioned whether I was with the vehicle, and when I looked out of my bedroom window saw it was being driven off at speed! My initial reaction was to get in the car and give chase but upon exiting my street, there were multiple routes upon which the thieves could take my motorhome. Scorpion dissuaded me from chasing the thieves for my own safety, advised me to contact the Police to get a crime reference number, and assured me that they were tracking the exact movements of my motorhome. Not only was I astonished at how quick Scorpion’s response was in detecting the theft – they worked with the police and my motorhome was recovered, undamaged within 30 minutes of it being taken! Amazing product and service. The Scorpion tracker and subscription is worth every single penny.
Mr L Tate
Fiat Swift Champagne Owner

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