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ScorpionTrack Fleet ?

ujack  Designed and Built in the UK, 
ScorpionTrack Fleet’s innovative technology is helping to drive fleets forward, whether you have a fleet of 5 or 5,000. The ScorpionTrack Fleet system allows you to manage vehicles and drivers with precision and increase productivity while saving time and money.

Our technology makes the vehicle installation procedure fast and simple, for both installers and fleet managers. It’s easy to see why ScorpionTrack Fleet is the correct choice for your business.

With a choice of unmonitored or monitored by our 24/7/365 Secure Monitoring Centre our ScorpionTrack Fleet Thatcham approved tracker provides our customers with the peace of mind that comes from knowing their Fleet’s security is in the very best hands.

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* Insurance Approved, Thatcham Category 6 Accredited if customer selects the subscription upgrade of: “24/7/365 Theft Monitoring”


With subscription costs equivalent to just 23p/day for each vehicle in your workforce – ScorpionTrack Fleet offers one of the most affordable yet high quality systems on the market today.

Web Based

Our 100% web based application can be accessed online 24/7 from any location. This means no software downloads/installation and a proven track record for reliability.

Easy To Use

ScorpionTrack Fleet continually receives positive feedback from our customers and they almost always say the same thing – “how powerful yet easy and intuitive to use our fleet management system is, compared to others they have used in the past.”

Just a few of the reasons how ScorpionTrack Fleet Management Tracking system can help your business

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    Increase Fleet Utilisation – Reduce your Costs

    Our software will ensure that your fleet is operating at its full potential more>

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    Improve your Productivity

    Manage your vehicles and drivers with precision more>>

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    Improve your Customer Service

    Empowering a pro-active and immediate response to your customer’s daily needs more>>

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    Environmental Dividends

    With stricter legislation relating to CO2 emissions being introduced by most of the developed world, non-compliance is a non-option more>>

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    Risk Management & Policy Compliance

    Supports Employer’s duty of care, regulatory and company policy compliance providing you with more>>

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    Award Winning, British Design & Manufacture

    ScorpionTrack Fleet Designed and Built by Scorpion in the UK provides real-time updates more>>

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Real-Time Dynamic Content

ScorpionTrack Fleet allows you to monitor all of your vehicles in real-time on the live map and dashboards. In addition to vehicle tracking, ScorpionTrack Fleet provides other dynamic real-time information about vehicles, alerts, drivers and geofences, all of which are updated dynamically by our server and innovative web application without the user needing to ever refresh the page.

ScorpionTrack Fleet

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    Real Time Updates

    Accurately manage your entire fleet with ease with real-time updates more >>

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    Google Maps & Street Integration

    Full screen mapping, street view, traffic overlays, address lookup, satellite view and more >>

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    Live Mapping

    Vehicle Position, speed, bearing, ignition state info plotted on live tracking map more >>

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    Custom Dashboard

    Your fleet ops and key performance indicators (KPI) graphs presented on a fully customisable dashboard more >>

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    Powerful Reporting

    Fast, highly customisable and intuitive reporting and receive scheduled reports by email. View online and export to PDF, Excel or HTML for further processing more >>

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    Assign Vehicle Groups

    Define, group and filter your fleet by depot, type or purpose. Also assign vehicles to multiple groups more >>

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    24/7/365 Message Alerts

    Email or text alerts empower you to respond immediately to the latest situation from the field. All displayed on live map with audio notifications more >>

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    Custom Geofences

    Highly customisable geofence system enabling you to designate specific areas where your vehicles are allowed or prohibited. Feature supports area designation by simple circles or complex shapes more >>

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    Know Exact Vehicle Locations

    Our system converts every vehicle location into a meaningful address more >>

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    Business and Private Mileage

    Easily save and retrieve business and private mileage reporting. more >>

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    Driver Login & Comparison

    Option to allow drivers to login to monitor and improve their own driver behaviour, efficiency and manage their own mileage; compare KPI statistics against other drivers more >>

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    System Customisation

    Extend functionality by choosing from a range of custom controls and sensors for your specific business needs such as: door open/closed, temperature monitoring, panic buttons, blue light services and much more >>

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    Monitor and control exactly which actions each user of the system is allowed to perform, ScorpionTrack Fleet’s powerful permission controlled access system provides a rich user experience while you are assured that business critical data remains secure more >>

Alerts_icon Mobile & Tablet Device Compatible

ScorpionTrack Fleet has full support for hand held tablet devices such as the Apple iPad and Android. This means you no longer need to be tied to your desk to keep up with the latest from the field. Access to real-time information allows you to instantly locate and track vehicles from anywhere, at any time. The live map screen includes a side-bar comprising of the following three tabs: vehicles, driver’s alerts and geofences. These tabs allow you to easily control what filters to apply and which dynamic information to display on the map at any given time – with the added capability to toggle between Google Satellite, Map and Street View.

Reporting Overview

You can generate a report on virtually any aspect of your fleet operation over any predefined or user defined date range, from the previous 365 days. Reports can be configured to display the activity of either the entire fleet, individual vehicles and/or drivers, groups of vehicles or any combination of these options. Reports can also be grouped by either driver or vehicle and then further summarised into either daily or monthly reviews.
Reports can either be viewed instantly ‘Online’ using the web interface or exported and downloaded instantly into various file formats including:


Adobe PDF

Microsoft Excel

This enables you to further process the reports as you desire. Reports that are viewed online include our innovative pop-up map feature showing the full history of the specified journey.
Reports that are viewed online also feature our innovative ‘flagged journeys’ system, enabling you to mark specific events for later perusal.

ScorpionTrack Fleet Management Tracking

What Our Clients Saytestimonial quotes

  • testimonial_sedgemoorSedgemoor District Council have been using Scorpion tracking since April 2013. The initial installation was well planned and carried out efficiently with little or no disruption to services.
    One of the great functions available in Scorpion is the geofence and POI reporting. To be able to select a location and run retrospective reports has enabled us to verify our attendance, evaluate our performance even naming the driver, and support our claim if “it wasn’t us”. It has proved to be an efficient asset management system. The driver ID function has assisted supervisors to identify driving staff, and the automated monthly speeding report allows us to target drivers that routinely break the speed limit and deal with them.
    To summarise, Scorpion as a fleet management tool has increased the councils, and our drivers accountability, enabled us to demonstrate and support our actions, enabled scrutiny of inefficient driver practices (diverting from efficient or planned route), enhanced our current lone worker monitoring, and either directly or indirectly assisted us to reduce our fuel usage by up to 15% month on month.

    Richard Stokes
    Operations Manager
    Sedgemoor District Council
  • testimonial_hickleysWe have used a range Scorpion products in the past and it made sense for us to use the leading brand manufacturers of trackers to further complement our range of products.
    I have been very impressed with the back-up service we always receive from both the sales and technical teams, who are always happy to answer queries or resolve any problems I may have.
    As we have 30 vehicles on our fleet, we are constantly using the system to check on our drivers to save time and money. By monitoring their journeys and driving behaviour, I have the ability to direct them around easier or more direct routes. As a result, ScorpionTrack Fleet is saving Hickleys from excessive fuel bills and is cutting down on expensive wear and tear on our vehicles.
    Scorpion Fleet tracking systems are one of the best purchases we have made for our fleet!

    Nicky Summers
    Diagnostic & Training Coordinator
    Hickleys Ltd

Optional Insurance Approved 24/7/365 Theft Monitoring

With the option of 24/7/365 Theft Monitoring provided by the ScorpionTrack Monitoring Centre, the ScorpionTrack Fleet system provides our customers with the peace of mind that comes from knowing their fleet’s security is in the very best hands.

ScorpionTrack Fleet customers who opt for 24/7/365 Theft Monitoring are also assured that the system and monitoring service provided has been subjected to Thatcham’s rigorous test criteria and caters for any insurance company’s Thatcham Category 6 TQA tracking system requirement.

Designed &Manufacturedin UK

Designed &
in UK

RegisteredTS 16949Standards

TS 16949

RegisteredISO 9001Standards

ISO 9001

Security Productof the YEAR

Security Product
of the YEAR

Best Consumer Tracking

Best Consumer

MEN Awards

Best British Product
Best Security Product
Best Consumer Tracking

Product ID:  ST70 – Fleet – Cars, Trucks, HGV – CAT 6* Thatcham Accredited, Insurance Approved

Product ID:  STX70 – Fleet – Cars, Trucks, HGV – CAT 6* Thatcham Accredited, Insurance Approved

Product ID:  ST71 (Waterproof) – Fleet – Agricultural vehicles & Plant machinery – CAT 6* Thatcham Accredited, Insurance Approved

Product ID:  STX71 (Waterproof) – Fleet – Agricultural vehicles & Plant machinery – CAT 6* Thatcham Accredited, Insurance Approved

Product ID: DTST71 – (Waterproof) – Fleet – Motorcycles, Scooters, Quad-Bikes and Trikes – CAT 6* Thatcham Accredited, Insurance Approved

* Accredited if customer selects the subscription upgrade of: “24/7/365 Theft Monitoring”


Thatcham Category 6 Insurance Approved. This accreditation is recognised as a tested and effective vehicle security system by major and reputable vehicle insurers, who may offer a reduced insurance group rating or discounted premium in return for fitting one. Please consult your insurance provider for details.

Thatcham “Category 6” approved for passenger cars:  TQA314, TQA524
EU 95/56 directive (security) and EU 95/54 directive (electrical) – “e” marked: E1 A-00 0475
Three year warranty