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Scorpion’s Answer to new Keyless Car Crime!

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“Sophisticated car thieves can now plug into the OBD (On Board Diagnostics) port on your BMW or Audi and take control of the security system on your car. It takes them seconds to then program a new key and then just drive away in your car.”
– National Newspaper see video and read more…

The answer is to fit an additional Sterling Immobiliser from £129 inc VAT fitted by one of our many approved installers, and/or to fit the latest ScorpionTrack with KeyGuard which will send you text alerts notifying you when your vehicles ignition is turned on, whether it is stolen with or without keys. An alert will also be triggered to our ScorpionTrack 24/7 monitoring centre if the vehicle is moved without the ignition on, or the battery/tracking device is tampered with.

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