Fleet Tracking Solutions for Business Vehicles

ScorpionTrack Fleet management solutionsScorpionTrack Fleet

ScorpionTrack Fleet Management and Tracking System allows you to manage vehicles and drivers with precision and increase productivity while saving time and money. Thatcham S5-VTS and S7-ALS Approved Options.

ScorpionTrack Plant & Agricultural

ScorpionTrack Tracking for all plant and agricultural equipment. Either S7-ALS Thatcham approved option with 24/7 theft monitoring or non Thatcham approved self monitored options available.

fleetlockScorpionTrack FleetLock®

ScorpionTrack FleetLock® LCV System. Protect your LCVs and contents with the ultimate security system.
Comprises of a Light Commercial Vehicle multipoint locking system with keypad immobilisation and Full telematics fleet management.

Camera System Package - fleet trackingScorpionTrack GPS Camera Systems

ScorpionTrack GPS Camera Systems.
Heavy duty DVR systems for business users, including 4 Camera DVR Package with Digital recording, Dash Monitor, GPS Location, Front Camera, Side Cameras and Back Camera.

ScorpionTrack Tacho Image
ScorpionTrack Tacho

Web-based tachograph reporting solution that gives fleet managers remote access to their tachograph data files. Everything can be completed within your web browser saving time, hassle and money.