Sterling TOUCH 2

The Sterling range of immobiliser systems offer the latest Thatcham & insurance approved products to help protect you and your vehicle. The Sterling immobilisers are built to the latest demanding European standards using cutting-edge technology to deliver new standards in vehicle security. Both the Sterling immobilisers carry a 2 year warranty.

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Touch key immobiliser Sterling Touch 2

A dual circuit electronic immobiliser system with PIN Override that meets the Insurance Approved Thatcham Category 2 Standard

It operates separately from the vehicle’s on-board computer and therefore immune to attack from the OBD port. The system is deactivated by a coded touch-key operating without radio signal transponders therefore it cannot be decoded by RF scanning devices.

This system will arm itself in 60 seconds after the ignition is turned off – so you can’t forget to immobilise your vehicle. The system is simple to disarm too – using your coded anti-scan touch key, momentarily place it on a small, discreet dashboard mounted receptacle then start your vehicle.

The Sterling Touch 2 is supplied with 2 anti-scan touch keys to disarm the system and a PIN code override as a back-up in case you lose or damage both of your keys.

With a staggering rise in ‘electronic vehicle theft’, more and more vehicle owners are seeking a solution that is highly effective in the event of an attempted theft and the peace of mind that gives them when their vehicle is unattended.

As an Insurance Approved Thatcham Category 2 product, most major and reputable vehicle insurers will offer owners a premium discount. Depending on the vehicle type, these discounts can be considerable with the annual saving often and easily covering the purchase and installation price of the Sterling Touch 2 system.

Touch key operated passive arming 2 circuit engine immobiliser.

  • Thatcham Category 2 immobiliser system, providing dual circuit immobilisation protection
  • Supplied with 2 x coded touch keys
  • Red status LED
Security Features
  • 2 x coded touch keys with an excess of 28 trillion different key code combinations available (programmable, water and shock resistant. Lost or stolen touch keys can also be programmed out)
  • Dual circuit immobilisation (18 amp continuous/30 amp max)
  • Passive immobilisation occurs 60 seconds after turning off the ignition
Convenience Features
  • Secure four digit PIN code override
  • Passive immobilisation
  • Four touch keys can be programmed in at any one time
  • Visual status LED