Datatool TrakKING Adventure S5 Motorcycle Tracker
Category S5-VTS

Motorcycle tracker with full 24/7 monitoring GPS Bike Tracking & Recovery


Datatool TrakKING Adventure S5 is the most user friendly and accurate motorcycle tracking system available today, using the latest satellite technology and a multi network roaming SIM, ensuring the widest possible coverage across Europe.

Automatic Theft Protection Datatool TrakKING Adventure S5 is supplied with Rider ID tags that deliver a significant security enhancement from the original TrakKING Adventure product. As soon as the ignition is switched off, TrakKING Adventure S5 creates an invisible geo-fence around your bike and starts monitoring for signs of unauthorised movement. If the unit detects movement within the geo-fence the (optional) early warning movement text will be triggered, informing you of a potential theft event. If your bike is subsequently removed from the geo-fenced area without the Rider ID tags present, TrakKING Adventure S5 will enter alert mode, notifying our 24/7/365 monitoring centre, who will in turn contact you immediately to verify the cause of the alert. If you confirm your bike is stolen, the monitoring team will liaise with the police to aid recovery.

Rider Convenience Features

Datatool TrakKING Adventure S5 offers full journey history logging and the ability to create location or event based alerts. In normal use, TrakKING Adventure will record the vehicle position every 15 seconds and upload that data to the cloud every 2 minutes, giving you a permanent record of every journey. TrakKING Adventure is a true pan European product, with coverage available in all of Western Europe and many countries beyond. Routes can be downloaded and shared with friends and points of interest can be recorded for future reference.

In addition to the tracking capabilities, TrakKING also monitors the vehicle battery and will notify the owner of a low battery condition before the battery becomes completely discharged. If the battery is disconnected an alert will be sent to the monitoring team.

With 24/7 monitoring and dedicated staff, TrakKING Adventure really does deliver peace of mind.

Additional features include:

  • ‘G Sense’ Notifications: (Impact detection and alert): TrakKING Adventure contains a highly sensitive 3D accelerometer which can detect the difference between a fall in a car park and a high speed impact. SMS notifications can be sent to emergency contacts in the event of a high G impact. Customers can enable or disable ‘G Sense’ from the user control panel.
  • ‘Direct to 999’ crash alert: In addition to ‘G Sense’ impact detection and alert, every smartphone owning TrakKING Adventure customer is offered the optional upgrade of ‘direct to 999’ alert.
  • Location Based Alerts: TrakKING Adventure provides the capability to send an alert based on the vehicle arriving or leaving a specified area. E.g. a reminder to pay a toll.
  • Early Warning Alerts: At the first sign of movement, you have the option of receiving an SMS text alert.

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Know where your vehicle is at anytime from
anywhere in the world with our mobile apps!

iOS & Android apps are available for TrakKING free of charge which allow you to remotely access your TrakKING account, manage your notification settings and to locate your motorcycle or scooter at any time.


KeyGuard is an optional subscription upgrade available to you which offers a text alert direct to your chosen number notifying you when your bike ignition is turned on.

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 Datatool Trakking Motorcycle Tracker


icons_features_sirenThatcham Approved GPS/GSM Tracking System
icons_features_siren24/7/365 Monitored Solution
icons_features_sirenNo speed data or journey history recorded
icons_features_sirenOptional ‘pre alert’ text message service with 5 texts per month included
icons_features_sirenVirtually zero current draw when ignition is switched off
icons_features_sirenDedicated secure website access to locate your bike or scooter at any time

What Clients Say

  • testimonial_0I had the unfortunate experience of having my bike stolen in broad daylight for a multi storey car park. Upon the discovery of my bike not being where I left it, I immediately reported the theft to the Police and Scorpion Tracker 24 hour help line. Even though it was 9pm when I reported the theft the Scorpion team could not have been more helpful. Within 2 ½ hours I received a telephone call from the Police saying they have been told by Scorpion where the bike is and the process is underway to obtain a warrant to enter the premises. Even the Police officer coordinating the warrant commented on how good Scorpion had been in liaising with him and he wished all tracker companies were as helpful. The bike was recovered and returned to me undamaged and in the same condition as how I left it in the multi storey. The bonus is that the Police have charged the thief.

    Mr K. Howell/Birmingham

    BMW S1000RR Owner
  • testimonial_0I just wanted to say that TrakKING is worth its weight in gold. My brand new BMW R1200GS Adventure was stolen after thieves used gainers to cut chains and they smashed out the alarm yet TrakKING got the Police to my bike in 20 minutes. I wish your company every success.

    Mr M Lynch/London

    BMW R1200GSA Owner
  • testimonial_0Usually I always lock my bike but I was just popping in to see a friend for 10 minutes and didn’t bother! By the time I came back out onto the street the bike had gone! A passer-by said he’d just seen 2 hooded guys using a screwdriver to barrel the lock and drive it away. To make matters worse, I’d left my mobile phone at home so had no way of contacting Scorpion. By the time I got home in a taxi, 20 minutes had elapsed. Scorpion immediately contacted the police as to the bike’s location. It had been parked in a street about 2 miles away and covered with a bike cover. The police dispatched a unit and called me. Once forensics had finished their work at the crime scene, I was allowed to drive the bike off. The bike was stolen at 3.10 pm and secured at 3.50pm! The Datatool TrakKING product is an amazing way to have peace of mind when you leave your bike unattended and the customer service and back-up they provide with text SMS ’s etc is incredible. I wholeheartedly recommend it as a necessity these days when the threat of theft is ever-present.

    Mr A Harris/London

    Vespa GTS 300 Super Owner
  • testimonial_0Thank you so much Scorpion for tracking my bike and your continued customer support. I did loads of research when I chose the bike I wanted; I found out that the bike I wanted was hugely attractive to thieves because it can be as effective off road as it is on. I was immediately sold on the idea of a silent system that would inform me of movement from my bike via text message. The company will also liaise with police who will actively search for the bike in real time, in the event of a theft. I was concerned that the tracker may also be spying on my riding too, but Scorpion explained that this was not the case so this being my only reservation, I went for it and I am so glad I did!

    Scorpion was said to be the best product on the market and the customer service reviews were outstanding, so I had to go with them. The thieves got lucky because my phone went flat in on the night my bike was stolen around 18 months later. I was at my friends flat with my bike chained to a fence post and my alarm system turned on. They had come to steal the bike at 3:55 am and they cut my top of the range chain and managed to render my $350 alarm system from the USA useless as they dragged my bike from the front of the house. I woke up at 8:20 am and looked out to check on my bike as I always do (she is the love of my life after all). Realising the bike was gone I checked my phone and once I had plugged it in (doh!) a text came through straight away from Scorpion. I then called the number and was greeted by an outstanding service – the guy was very calm and told me what to do in simple terms, reassuring me that he would speak to the police on my behalf and do his best to recover my bike.

    Even before my bike was stolen, the service I have received from Scorpion was worth the small subscription charge – I got the impression my bike was being carefully monitored all the time; I was phoned by Scorpion when my bike’s chain snapped and my bike was put on the back of a flatbed truck to be taken the garage and again when my battery was defective.

    Scorpion enabled the local police to locate my pride and joy within an hour. The police were really impressed about how accurate the technology was and he was really chuffed and amazed to have recovered the bike. If you are reading this trying to make a decision about whether to get a tracker from Scorpion my advice to just do it – it is peace of mind and money well spent. Don’t be the person who has read this but never bought the system and who wakes up one day with your bike gone and always wondering what happened to it and thinking that every bike you see like you’re might actually be the one. When I do sell this bike I will tell the new buyer to continue the subscription too because the company allow for a change in ownership as well. If you care about your bike, a quality tracker is as vital a piece of kit as your helmet!

    Mr K Conway/Bradford

    Yamaha WR125X Owner
  • testimonial_0I totally rely on my bike to get me to and from work six days a week. After seven months hassle free parking I got lazy and didn’t put the lock on but knew I had Datatool TrakKING fitted. One day, I got the text saying my bike was moving – I had my phone on silent so was a few minutes late getting outside by which time I saw them riding off down the road on my bike. I called the police, then logged into my TrakKING account on my phone and phoned the emergency theft line. Within five minutes the details of the exact whereabouts of my bike was not only staggering but a gigantic relief that my pride and joy was traceable. Within one hour I had my bike back in my hands. Incredible! Something you invest money in actually works. It is worth every penny, your belongings really belong to you and no-one else with TrakKING fitted. Could not recommend it more

    Tom Chambers – (Actor)
  • testimonial_walkeratvMy two ATV’s were stolen in the early hours last week. The first I knew of anything being wrong was your phone call. Once I’d passed the crime reference number to you it really was no time at all before I received the good news that both vehicles had been found – in a remote forest! Soon after that they were both recovered back to me. I have been absolutely delighted with the speed and service of both your product and team. I simply cannot thank you enough.

    Mr. Walker / Scotland
  • testimonial_inmotoI would just like to thank Datatool Trakking for a great job in finding and recovering my customer’s motorcycle so quickly and in the early hours. Even in the back of a van in London, Datatool were able to guide the police to the stolen bike and return it to our very happy customer – the bike was even undamaged.

    Great result guys, please keep up the good work as I’ve now got another customer for life!

    C. Ingignoli, In Moto Ltd / London
  • testimonial_MackensieI have had other tracking products before but I can honestly say Datatool were first class they called me before I even knew my bike was missing and dealt with the whole theft speaking directly with the police, it’s a fantastic system and the best purchase for my bike this year, I’m so glad to have it back well done Datatool!

    Stuart Mackenzie / London
  • testimonial_cwhite

    Worked 100% when my bike was stolen. I was contacted almost immediately and the bike was tracked in less than an hour by the police with the help of Datatool. After losing a bike and not having this service, I find it invaluable and will always use this service.

    Mr C White Kent
  • testimonial_SterlandThanks to the quick thinking of the team at Scorpion my bike was recovered and the thief is now behind bars. I cannot thank you enough for what you did that night and am forever in your debt.

    Mr R Sterland / Northamptonshire
  • testimonial_7Having had other tracking devices fitted on previous bikes, the TrakKING system is, I believe the standard bearer for all tracking systems. I was notified by Datatool immediately and the Datatool control staff dealt with every aspect of the recovery. They spoke to the police, told them the location of the bike and kept me informed of the progress. The bike was then found in the back of a stolen transit. Datatool staff had done their job superbly! I would highly recommend Datatool TrakKING to anyone who loves their vehicle.

    Phil Cole
Product ID: DTSTX71 – (Waterproof) – Motorcycles, Scooters, Quad-Bikes and Trikes – CAT S5-VTS

Thatcham Category 6 Insurance Approved. This accreditation is recognised as a tested and effective vehicle security system by major and reputable vehicle insurers, who may offer a reduced insurance group rating or discounted premium in return for fitting one. Please consult your insurance provider for details. Product meets Police Approved Standards and Police Preferred Specification – Accredited by the Official UK Police Security Initiative ‘Secured by Design’.

Thatcham “Category S5_VTS” approved for Motorcycles, Scooters: TSC Accredited
EU 95/56 directive (security) and EU 95/54 directive (electrical) – “e” marked: E1 A-00 0475
Two year warranty
When do my texts renew?

Each ‘pre alert’ text is renewed 30 days after use. For example if one text is used on 1st July, that one text will be replenished on 31st July. A text used on 2nd July will be replenished on 1st August and so on hence you have 5 texts available every 30 days rather than 5 texts every calendar month.

Why isn’t the map location correct?

The TrakKING dashboard map display the last known, confirmed as accurate location and this is updated every time the ignition is switched off after the vehicle has been used. It may be that the last time the ignition was switched off, the GPS location wasn’t highly accurate and therefore the system has disregarded this location data. Once the ignition has been on for more than 3 minutes the unit should update the location accurately. In the event of a theft the unit switches to alert mode that sends location data every 20 seconds and therefore will provide our operating centre staff with highly accurate, current location data.

How does Keyguard work?

Keyguard is designed to provide an additional layer of protection, sending a text message to notify the vehicle has been started and ridden using the keys. Keyguard is an optional service and once subscribed to, can be armed and disarmed via the TrakKING dashboard. Keyguard is intended to protect against ‘theft with keys’. It is easier for criminals to steal the keys than it is for them to overcome the increasingly sophisticated security systems so ‘theft with keys’ is becoming a far more common occurrence. View more…

Can I buy a TrakKING unit and fit it myself?

TrakKING is a Thatcham approved product that requires online registration and installation by an authorised installer, it is not available for home installation.

Why don’t my insurance company recognise TrakKING as an approved device?

TrakKING is a Thatcham Category 6 approved tracking product. Not all insurers give discounts for tracking products and on some brokers systems tracking products are not listed with alarms but as ‘Other security’. It could also be the insurer has TrakKING listed as Scorpion ST61 or Datatool ST61 which are part numbers rather than the product name.

Where can I get it installed?

Please refer to our dealer locator for approved dealers and mobile installers.

Can I adjust the sensitivity of the text alerts?

There is no remote adjustment possible but your dealer can fine tune the mounting to increase or decrease the sensitivity, please contact the original installer.

Datatool TrakKING is approved by Thatcham as a Category S5-VTS Stolen Vehicle Tracking Device. In order to pass the Thatcham Quality Assured approvals process, the Thatcham engineers fully explore the functionality of the product, inspect the production facility and then subject the hardware to a rigorous testing regime to ensure it complies with the defined standard.