Datatool S4 Green

Motorcycle Thatcham upgrade alarm immobiliser Datatool S4 Green upgrades bikes or scooters already fitted with Thatcham approved Category 2 immobilisation to full Thatcham Category 1 status.

Motorcycle thatcham upgrade alarm immobiliser Datatool S4 Green

12V Motorcycle or Scooter

For bikes or scooters fitted with Thatcham Category 2 approved immobilisation, the Datatool S4 Green adds the alarm protection to upgrade the vehicle to full Thatcham Category 1 status. The S4 green features independently adjustable shock and movement sensors and customisable automatic arming.

Protect your investment with Datatool

  • 3 Year Warranty
  • e Marking E1 A-00 0475
  • thatcham-quality-assured_cat2-1

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Datatool S4 Green

Motorcycle Thatcham upgrade alarm immobiliser Datatool S4 Green upgrades bikes or scooters already fitted with Thatcham approved Category 2 immobilisation to full Thatcham Category 1 status.

The S4 casing is one of the smallest Thatcham approved products available, designed with the limited space on modern ABS equipped bikes in mind and features a metal nose cone to protect the siren in the event of an attack.

The UK designed electronics inside the unit provide a host of features:
  • Customisable Automatic Arming: Choose whether the system arms just the immobiliser and anti-hotwire detection or arms the full system including the tilt and shock sensors.
  • Low Battery Warning System: Audible alert system gives early warning of discharged motorcycle battery.
  • Independent Shock and Movement Sensors: Not only does the S4 detect a change in angle but it also detects impact to give advance warning of the bike or scooter being tampered with. This is especially important for quads and trikes which do not tilt like a two wheeler when moved.
  • Panic/Locate Facility: Trigger the alarm from the remote control to locate your bike or if threatened to attract attention.
  • Storage mode: The S4 Green can be completely deactivated for long term storage with the bike/scooter remaining immobilised until the alarm is reactivated.
  • PIN Override: With a user selectable PIN code the unit can be deactivated if a remote control is damaged or lost.
  • Alarm Diagnostics: If the alarm has triggered whilst you were away, the S4 will bleep a code to tell you which input caused the trigger.
  • Transport Mode: Ability to arm without movement sensing if the bike or scooter is being transported.
  • Customisable Siren Tones: With a choice of 8 different siren tones, you can choose one which you clearly recognise as your alarm.
  • Multi Stage Sleep: The S4 Green monitors the vehicle battery voltage and reduces its own current consumption to minimise the effect on the vehicle battery.

Provided with every Datatool S4 is a set of Datatool Key Recovery Tags, intended to be attached to your keys and to the remote control. Using a mobile friendly website, these key tags provide a method for lost keys or remotes to be reunited with the owner in the shortest possible time. Also supplied is a ‘Protected by Datatool’ decal to highlight to potential thieves that professional standard security is installed.

The Datatool S4 Green is designed for professional installation by authorised Datatool installers only.

  • Thatcham Category 2→1 approved upgrade alarm system
  • Upgrades Thatcham Cat 2 immobilisation to Category 1 status
  • Intended for professional installation only
  • Automatic arming of anti-hotwire, optional full passive arming.
  • Supplied with 2 remote transmitters, maximum of 6 can be programmed
  • PIN override capability with user defined PIN code

If you would like the Datatool S4 Green fitted to your vehicle visit Datatool for one of our Authorised Dealers near you.
Product ID: Datatool S4 Green

Thatcham Category 2>1 Insurance Approved. This accreditation is recognised as a tested and effective vehicle security system by major and reputable vehicle insurers, who may offer a reduced insurance group rating or discounted premium in return for fitting one. Please consult your insurance provider for details. Product meets Police Approved Standards and Police Preferred Specification – Accredited by the Official UK Police Security Initiative ‘Secured by Design’

Thatcham “Category 2 to 1” approved for motorcycles and passengers:

Cert. No. TQA459

EU 95/56 directive (security) and EU 95/54 directive (electrical) – “e” marked: E1 A-00 0475
Three year warranty
Where can I buy spare parts / remote controls?

Your local Datatool dealer or mobile installer can supply all relevant spare parts. Scorpion Automotive does not supply parts directly. Our dealer locator is here.

Can I turn off the automatic arming on my S4 Green?

Unfortunately not. It is a Thatcham requirement that the alarm arms automatically.
The standard setting for the S4 Green is to arm without movement detection so the bike can still be moved around without setting the alarm off. The alarm only needs to be disarmed before turning the ignition on or removing the seat (if the seat has a trigger switch fitted). If you would like the alarm to arm the movement sensor automatically (or this has already been done and you would like to revert to arming without movement detection) please consult the user guide available here.

Can you tell me how to remove my alarm?

We cannot provide details on how to remove or bypass any of our alarm systems in the interests of protecting the many thousands of customers who continue to rely on the security provided by their Datatool alarm. Please consult your local dealer or mobile installer for assistance. Our dealer locator is here.

Can you send me a wiring diagram to install my alarm?

The S4 series alarm is intended for professional installation only and therefore should not have been supplied to you for home installation. We cannot provide a wiring diagram so please contact your local dealer or mobile installer to discuss the installation options. A list of Datatool dealers and mobile installers can be found here.

How do I access winter mode / storage mode?

With the alarm disarmed, the ignition switched on and the engine kill switch in the run positon, press and hold both buttons on the remote for approximately 10 seconds until the alarm makes a single bleep, then turn off the ignition. Please note: Winter mode effectively disables the alarm to minimise the loading on the vehicle battery when in long term storage. The vehicle remains immobilised but the remote controls and movement sensing are inoperative until the next time the ignition is switched on.

Can you send me a Triumph bypass plug?

No, this is a Triumph part available only from Triumph dealers. To order you will need to provide proof of ownership ie V5 and proof of home address (utility bill). The dealer can then contact the Triumph UK Sales Office and they will provide them with the correct part number for the plug which the dealer can then order.

Can you tell me my PIN code?

We do not keep records of PIN codes but if you have at least one working remote you can simply overwrite the existing code with a new one. Please refer to the user guide here.

How do I register as a new owner?

If your alarm system is less than 3 years old and you wish to register for the extended warranty please complete the 3 Year Warranty Transfer form available from the list below and return it to the address provided.
If the alarm is more than 3 years old then unfortunately you are unable to extend the warranty and there is no need to register as the new owner.

Can you send me an insurance certificate?

The fitting certificate is only valid at time of installation. If your alarm was fitted after August 2015, you may have an online account with Datatool and can download a certificate from there. If you are not the original owner of the alarm or the alarm was fitted prior to August 2015, we recommend you contact your local dealer who will be able to issue suitable confirmation that the alarm is fitted and is fully operational. There may be a charge from your dealer for this.

I’ve lost both remotes and don’t have a PIN code, what can I do?

Without a functioning remote or PIN code the alarm cannot be disarmed or reprogrammed. Contact your local Datatool dealer or mobile installer to discuss the replacement options.

I have a working remote control but don’t know my PIN what can I do?

As long as you have a working remote you can simply overwrite the old PIN with a new PIN of your choice. Refer to the user guide here.

When my bike has been stood for a while I get a single beep every few seconds what is causing this?

The bike battery is low and needs charging, see the user guide here.

The LED wires have been damaged, what can I do?

You can order a replacement LED from your local dealer. The LED is the same for any of the Thatcham approved alarms (Veto, System 3 and S4).

My Alarm won’t respond to the remote, what can I do?

Firstly hold the remote as close to the alarm control unit as possible to reduce the chances of external interference. If you are near a radio / mobile phone mast or any form of transmitter including wireless house alarms try moving the bike away from any possible source of interference. If the alarm does not respond check the bike battery is charged. The S4 features ‘sleep mode’ that turns off the alarm radio receiver to reduce current draw when the bike battery drops below 10.5v. If the battery is low rather than completely flat, turning on the ignition should cause the alarm to sound and reactivate the transmitter. If the alarm still does not react to the remote leave the ignition turned on for 5 minutes to recharge the internal battery on the alarm and try again. We recommend the use of a battery conditioner such as the Datatool Smart Charger to keep the battery in optimum condition.
If the bike battery has been left discharged for a long period it is possible the internal battery has been damaged and will not recover, in this case the alarm will require replacement. Damage to the internal battery due to incorrect storage is not covered by the provided warranty, please refer to the user guide for information on long term storage, known as ‘Winter Mode’.