Iveco praises Scorpion’s Technology

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Excerpts from Iveco’s Recent Press Release:

“One of the biggest problems with modern trucks are recurring electrical problems that invariably show as warning lights on the dash, often not serious enough to stop the vehicle from working, but can be difficult to rectify.”

Scorpion bespoke manufactures the following Ivecos’s Electronics Trailer Interface System(ETI).

“Electronics Trailer Interface System(ETI) goes a long way to eliminating several problems that can be caused by incompatibility between the tractor and various trailers”

“Like most modern CANBUS electric systems, the Stralis has compatibility problems with a trailer that has either additional electric equipment or extra lighting, such as the interior lights on a box trailer. If the truck electrics are not pre-programmed to identify this new demand for power, it shuts off supply. The ETI unit prevents this from happening, unless it senses a potential fault, and has a series of reset buttons that are easy to operate from the catwalk.”

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