How telematics can improve
your daily fleet planning

Fleet telematics systems can provide a detailed insight into how your fleet of vehicles is being utilised to enable you to make more informed decisions and provide tools in many aspects of running your business.
Here are just some of the many benefits reported by our customers using the ScorpionTrack Fleet system.


  • Live map with vehicle position updates in near real-time (at least once every 2 minutes)
  • Reports with vehicle position data in real-time (at least every 15 seconds)
  • Live dashboard with options of gauges, column, pie or bar charts to help present your fleet’s performance against your KPIs
  • Flexible vehicle groups, assign vehicles to multiple groups
  • Highly customisable, powerful, intuitive reporting and report scheduling
  • View reports online or export to HTML, PDF or Excel for further processing
  • Receive 24/7 live alerts by email, text message and mobile app
  • Alerts displayed in real-time on live map with audio notification
  • Receive scheduled reports by email
  • Geofence system allows users to set circular or draw custom-shaped perimeters around POI (points of interest)
  • Powerful permission controlled user access
  • Comprehensive user activity log
  • Optional in-vehicle login identifies each driver, enabling drivers to self-manage their own mileage and compare KPI statistics against other drivers to promote driver efficiency and safety
  • Optional auxiliary inputs/outputs. Example applications include: panic buttons, PTO connections, emergency services’ blue light use and door open/closed detection.


  • Reduce your Costs: Huge cost saving potential based on fuel, insurance and vehicle maintenance expenditure. Our customers have reported average savings of 15% a month on fuel costs alone.
  • Improve your Productivity: Reduce your daily administrative workload, improve route planning, achieve more customer visits per day and instantly pinpoint the nearest driver to your next job.
  • Improve your Customer Service: Empowering a pro-active and immediate response to your customer’s daily needs and providing evidence for SLA compliance.
  • Supports Usage, Mileage & HMRC Reporting: Easily flag and report upon business and private vehicle use
  • Environmental Dividends: Reduce carbon footprint and promote environmental sustainability.
  • Easy to Use and Quick to Benefit: Probably the easiest to use system available with no downloads required and a fast, simple installation process.
  • Theft Protection: Optional upgrade to a ‘Monitored Subscription’ to benefit from Scorpion’s expert 24/7/365 Theft Monitoring Service whilst meeting Insurance Approved Thatcham criteria.
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