Scorpion VA8ISO Handbrake Alert

Audio Alert Warns Driver to Apply Handbrake

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The Scorpion range of security systems covers the passenger and light commercial vehicle security market as well as the heavy goods vehicle security sector which incorporates a wide range of products to protect your vehicle and their loads.
These systems are widely used with a large selection of prestige vehicles in the original equipment market as well as in the after-market security industry. All Scorpion products carry up to a 24 Month Warranty.

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The Handbrake Alert is fitted to the vehicle’s existing audio system to allow a warning to be clearly heard through the vehicle audio speakers, should the driver open his door while the handbrake is disengaged the warning will be given repeatedly. The Handbrake Alert does not affect the normal operation of the audio system and a warning will be given whether the audio system is switched on or off.

It is highly recommended that the handbrake alert is installed even if you have a conventional “buzzer” type warning as this can easily be mistaken for any other type of warning…e.g. lights.

Audio Alert Warns Driver to Apply Handbrake
  • Provides a clear spoken audible warning of a disengaged handbrake if the driver vacates the vehicle and has not engaged the handbrake
  • Utilises the existing audio system fitted to the vehicle or if no audio system is present, utilises supplied external speaker.
  • Optional lights on warning if the lights are left in the on position
  • Positive and negative door inputs
  • Very low power consumption so the drain on the vehicle battery is negligible.
HGV lorry on overhang
Security Features
  • Warns the driver of the vehicle that the handbrake has not been applied and the vehicle is not being operated in a safe manner
  • The unit can provide an audible warning to inform the driver that the lights have been left switched on (optional)
Convenience Features
  • User friendly operation, in that the driver only has to turn off the ignition and begin to exit the cab and a warning will automatically start to sound if the handbrake has not been applied
  • Interfaces with OE audio system on the vehicle if fitted
  • The unit also notifies the user that the handbrake is applied
  • Audible lights left on warning
  • Easy installation, no modification of the vehicles braking circuit is required

The HSE (Health & Safety Executive) have highlighted this problem in their “Health & Safety In Road Haulage” paper (go to as iterated:

  • Have you considered alarms that sound if the handbrake is left off? Several drivers are killed every year simply because their vehicles move off when the handbrake is left off when parked. (Taken From Page 7 of the road haulage paper).

Poor control may result in action from the HSE or local authorities. Transport risks, falls from height and manual handling are all priority areas for enforcing authorities, and are all common causes of accidents in road haulage. Fines of up to £20 000 can be imposed for breaches of the health and safety at work etc Act 1974, with unlimited fines and imprisonment possible if cases are heard in higher courts. Directors and managers can face prosecution as individuals if their acts or omissions led to the offence. (Taken From Page 9 of the road haulage paper).

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Product ID: Scorpion VA8ISO
VA8ISO Box Contents

Qty Description
1 Audio wiring loom
1 Power wiring loom
1 Diode
1 Diode

EU 95/56 directive (security) and EU 95/54 directive (electrical) – “e” marked
Two year warranty