Compliance Packages for FORS, CLOCS

and Work Related Road Risk (WRRR); Crossrail, Tfl, HS2 and other publicly funded projects

The Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) and The Construction and Logistics Community Safety Scheme (CLOCS) are nationwide specifications in relation to vehicle safety. FORS is generally aimed at the freight sector but also applies to vans and other vehicles. CLOCS is more focussed upon the construction sector but again covers many vehicle types.

In order to be recognised as a bronze FORS fleet operator, you must: “Record and monitor all driving infractions, and take remedial action to minimise future recurrences. Fleet operators shall ensure that all vehicles over 3.5 tonnes gross vehicle weight shall display on the rear of the vehicle warning signage and markings to warn vulnerable roads users not to get too close to the vehicle. Signage and markings shall warn the vulnerable road user of the potential danger.”

For bronze level recognition there is no stipulation to fit vehicle safety products nor reference to telematics/tracking support but operators are set a time limit set in which to progress to FORS silver accreditation.

FORS, CLOCS and WRRR Alignment

FORS silver requirements are now aligned to the requirements of the Construction Logistics and Cyclist Safety (CLOCS) Standard and TfL’s Work Related Road Risk (WRRR) requirements.

A useful infographic to summarise the standards are their alignment is provided to the right.

Whilst FORS and CLOCS remain the key nationwide specifications for road vehicles, there are also other standards relating to publicly funded projects – one of the most recent additions being High Speed Two (HS2) vehicle standards.

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FORS & CLOCS Guidance

As a FORS Approved Supplier and UK based designer, manufacturer, supplier of vehicle telematics, security and safety systems, Scorpion Automotive is perfectly placed to respond to the safety and compliance requirements of UK based fleet operators. Here are just a few areas in which we offer you a one-stop-shop towards FORS v5 Accreditation:

O2 – Fuel, Emissions and Idling

The ScorpionTrack Fleet telematics system provides fleet operators with detailed vehicle routing data, indicative CO2 emissions along with the number and severity of engine idling incidents of each vehicle. In doing so, operators can reduce fuel costs and unnecessary emissions. “Idling should be considered during route planning and vehicle waiting times minimised. Coach operators should instruct their drivers to turn off the engine when loading luggage or waiting for passengers to board, whilst truck operators need to instruct their drivers to turn off the engine while waiting for access to sites and during loading/unloading.”

O6 – Operational Security

The ScorpionTrack Fleet system offers the option of Insurance Approved 24/7 Theft Monitoring coupled with a choice of Scorpion alarm, immobilisation and electronic locking systems enabling fleet operators to: “Reduce the risk of vehicle and equipment theft and limit the possibility of unauthorised or illegal access to vehicles.”

O7 – Counter Terrorism

In addition to minimising the risk of unauthorised vehicle use, fleet operators are also able to remotely immobilise a vehicle in the event of theft or threat of terrorist attack using the ScorpionTrack Fleet system.

D7 – Driver’s Hours & Working Time

ScorpionTrack Tacho provides fleet managers remote access to their tachograph data files. Non-tachograph operations are supported by the ScorpionTrack Fleet system enabling operators to record and be alerted when driver hours are exceeded.

M10 – Transport Infringements

Detailed driver behaviour analysis including the frequency and severity of speeding, harsh acceleration, harsh braking and excessive idling incidents are provided by the ScorpionTrack Fleet system. Seatbelt and mobile phone usage can also be monitored via our in-cab cameras. This enables fleet operators to take remedial or disciplinary action to minimise future recurrence.

S6 – Vehicle Safety Equipment

Scorpion supplied safety systems offer “blind spot vision aids that provide the driver with a full view of the near-side vehicle blind spot. An audible warning system that alerts other road users of left-turn and reversing manoeuvres. A camera system that monitors the near- side vehicle blind spot. An in-cab display screen to provide the driver with a view of the near-side blind spot. An in-cab audible warning system to alert the driver of other road users in the near-side blind spot.“ For rigid vehicles over 7.5 ton, digital video recording of incidents to assist driver training is also supported.

S2 – Performance Data

Supported by ScorpionTrack Fleet, operators can set baseline data and undertake active monitoring of a variety of performance indicators including distance travelled, CO2 emission and video based collision and incident data

Compliance Product Packages 



Per Vehicle

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Per Vehicle

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  • Pricing based on a rigid vehicle. For tractor and trailer combinations there are extra charges for additional reverse camera and connections.
  • All accessories included (brackets, indicator module, extension cables, suzie cable, connectors and conduit).
  • Prices exclude VAT and installation.
  • Discounts available to FORS Members and for bulk purchases.
  • Specialist installation support is available from our nationwide Scorpion Authorised Dealer network.

Subscription (Per Vehicle)

ScorpionTrack Fleet

Non Monitored Option

£8.25 per Month or;

Advanced Annual Payment of £82.50.

Monitored Option

Insurance Approved 24/7 Theft Monitoring

£12.08 per Month or;

Advanced Annual Payment of £125.00


All prices exclude VAT. Flexible finance options available covering full equipment, subscription and installation investment.

Equipment Configurations for all Vehicle Types

We can advise upon and supply the best possible products for LCVs, rigid and articulated vehicles.
Product ID: STX70 – CAT 6* Thatcham Accredited, Insurance Approved
Product ID: STX71 (Waterproof) – CAT 6* Thatcham Accredited, Insurance Approved

* These ScorpionTrack Fleet products are Insurance Approved to Thatcham CAT 6 Stolen Vehicle Tracking Standards, if the customer selects the subscription upgrade of: “24/7/365 Theft Monitoring”

Various subject vehicle specification and operational application.
EU 95/56 directive (security) and EU 95/54 directive (electrical) – “e” marked
Two year warranty
Available on request