Speed Limiter Systems

GPS Enabled Variable Speed Limiter Technology

Whilst some vehicle manufacturers and aftermarket suppliers offer a speed limiter – many of these can only be restricted to one set speed.

In a technical collaboration with AutoKontrol, Scorpion have developed the Geokontrol system which utilises GPS data to detect speed limits and customer designated areas where the vehicle is travelling to slow the vehicle down if exceeding the speed limit.

Speed limits are introduced to ensure greater road safety with lower speed limits enforced in designated “High risk” areas due to the close proximity of vehicles to pedestrians and other hazards.

General Use Speed Limiter Applications

Speed limiting may also be imposed by employers as a means of fuel saving, reducing emissions or as part of their ‘Duty of Care’ requirements. Employers have a responsibility, under various National Health and Safety Executive guidelines, to actively manage health and safety in the workplace, including vehicles. In a time when “Duty of Care” and Health and Safety are top of most company’s agendas, the Geo-Fenced limiter provides the answer.

High Risk Area Speed Limiter Applications 

In addition, to general road usage high risk areas of application are: 

Airport Speed Limiting

Speed limiting at airports to minimise the risk of collision to crew, passengers and moving vehicles such as aircraft towing trucks, mobile aircraft steps, fuel tankers, baggage truck and emergency vehicles.

Urban Area Speed Limiting

Controlling speed in areas with large numbers of pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles. Cities, towns, shopping centres and retail parks are often areas where incidents are frequent.

Logistics Speed Limiting

Speed limiting at bus stations, distribution centres and seaports. These logistics facilities involve  loading, unloading operations requiring vehicle manoeuvring in confined spaces near pedestrian workers.

How the Speed Limiter System Works

The system empowers the employer to designate their own high risk areas in addition to our existing and updated database of road speed limits. These are then pre-loaded as ‘geofences’ into the Geocontrol device. These geofences comprise of detailed latitude and longitude data which can be refined to cover an area of any size and shape.

As an example a vehicle visiting an airport with the perimeter plotted in the Geo unit, will automatically reduce the vehicle to the required speed as soon as it passes through the entrance gates and on exiting reverts back to the normal speed. The example below shows an area that has been “zoned”, once the vehicle enters this area its speed will automatically reduce to a lower programmed speed.

3 year or 100,000 mile warranty

No system maintenance required

Saves lives through the reduction of high speed accidents.

Saves fuel thereby reducing cost per mile.

Reduces exhaust emissions thereby reducing air pollution and ozone destruction.

Reduced maintenance costs

Reduced vehicle downtime

Reduce staff lost through speeding bans

May reduce insurance costs