Business & Private Mileage Reporting

Easily mark, save and retrieve any vehicle activities and journeys.

Flagged Journeys

ScorpionTrack Fleet’s extensive reporting system allows you to place a ‘flag’ next to a specific row of data on any report generated online. Once a flagged journey has been created, it will appear as ‘flagged’ in both the list of flagged journeys and also in the report that is was generated from. This allows you to easily mark any vehicle or driver activities. The unique Flag Specific Journeys section enables you easily view the specific trip information without re-generating the report that it was originally flagged from.

HMRC require accurate mileage records to be kept to prove the mileage travelled to ensure that businesses aren’t falsely receiving tax relief illegally.

We provide an easy method to improve your recording of business vs private mileage

With accurate GPS Technology and Telematics ScorpionTrack Fleet can be used to help track the time used for business vs private mileage. Our tracking system will dramatically help guard against the common problem of leaving claims until the last minute, and not fully remembering details of each journey incurred when compared to a more manual system.

Flag Specific Journeys