Scorpion Automotive is pleased to announce the option of potentially lifesaving 999 integrated crash detection for owners of Datatool TrakKING and Datatool TrakKING Adventure GNSS tracking systems.Under a licensing agreement with crash detection specialist Realsafe Technologies Ltd., the smartphone apps for TrakKING and TrakKING Adventure have now been updated to include the REALsafe® crash detection technology. Utilising multiple sensors in the smartphone, REALSafe can detect if the rider has a crash and the app will automatically notify the emergency services, who can send an ambulance to the riders last known location.
The crash detection feature uses Realsafe Technologies’ existing crash algorithm and alerting platform to deliver crash alerts directly into the 999 emergency system. All data is transmitted securely to 999 automatically via an emergency router, managed by BT Global Services.This award-winning technology offers Datatool’s TrakKING and TrakKING Adventure customers an additional layer of personal safety and security while riding their motorcycles.Datatool Brand Manager, Dave Plummer said “The agreement with Real Safe allows us to provide an important additional level of protection without our TrakKING customers needing to invest in new on-bike hardware. The REALsafe® crash detection is simply activated from within the app or via the online account and is available to every smartphone owning TrakKING or TrakKING Adventure customer for a small monthly subscription upgrade of £3.00 per month.
”The crash detection technology featured in the TrakKING apps comes with the latest in innovative auto-pause and post-impact sensor monitoring processes – all designed to minimise false activations.The Datatool TrakKING and Datatool TrakKING Adventure apps are available for Android and iOS and can be downloaded from the relevant app store. Existing Datatool app users simply need to update their app to the latest version and follow the on screen prompts to activate the service.
Please note: The REALSafe Crash Detection is only available to new or existing purchasers of a Datatool TrakKING or TrakKING Adventure tracking system, the crash detection feature cannot be activated as a standalone service. The TrakKING version will be updated shortly.