Custom Dashboard

Your fleet ops and key performance indicators (KPI) graphs presented on a fully Custom Dashboard.

Customisable Dashboard

ScorpionTrack Fleet’s fully customisable and interactive dashboard allows you to visualise and compare a vast amount of statistical information about your fleet operation. The dashboard can be configured with many different types of graph, depending on the unique requirements of your business. Graphs can be grouped by either vehicle, driver or by group.

This allows you to quickly compare vital key performance indicators across the whole of your fleet, including but not limited to: journey time, working time, idle time, top speed, average speed, fuel cost, idle cost and carbon emissions.

All of the graphs that are available on the custom dashboard are fully interactive, allowing you to quickly access the vital statistics they represent. This provides you with all the necessary information to make informed business decisions, saving your business valuable time and money

  • ScorpionTrack Fleet's Custom Dashboard
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  • ScorpionTrack Fleet's Custom Dashboard graphs