Aston Martin Mass movement sensor

Case study: Mass Movement Sensor for Aston Martin

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A microwave sensor is an active motion detector based on Doppler principles that transmits non-continuous microwaves. The signal is reflected from nearby objects and mixed with the transmitting frequency. The difference between signals indicates the speed of an object moving towards or away from the radar sensor. It is an excellent alternative to ultrasonic sensors.
In 2010 Scorpion Automotive was asked to design and manufacture a Mass Movement Sensor for Aston Martin Lagonda inspired on microwave sensors. The developing process was conducted through Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) framework. As a result, Scorpion supplies a reliable, robust and undetectable solution which operates in conjunction with an Aston Martin security system.
The device, which has a compact light design, is Thatcham approved and is Lin Bus compatible.
We at Scorpion Automotive have not had any single failure since 2010 when we supplied the first batch of this product.
Thanks for reading another successful story from Scorpion Automotive.
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