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Scorpion TMU bulb failure monitoring

Scorpion TMU Bulb Failure Monitoring

Bulb Failure Monitoring unit for HGV Trailers, Lighting

Bulb Failure Monitoring unit for HGV Trailers, Lighting

Product ID:TMU
Product Type: Vehicle Safety
Vehicle Type: 24V
Vehicle: HGV

The Truck-Lite Trailer Monitoring Unit (TMU) when installed on the trailer, inline with D.I and Brake lighting circuits will monitor these circuits and perform bulb failure warning to the tractor unit regardless of the type of lamps fitted to the trailer.

The TMU’s main function is to give the facility of lamp failure with tractor units fitted with LED or low current type lamps. The TMU achieves lamp failure monitoring by simulating a standard/filament bulb to the tractor unit when the lighting circuit is active. The bulb is only simulated to the tractor if the TMU detects a predetermined current being drawn, if the pre-determined current is not detected then the TMU ceases ‘bulb simulation’ to the tractor thus giving bulb failure indication. Additionally the TMU will not simulate a standard bulb if the current being drawn is sufficient enough to be read by the tractor unit.


  • Zero Standby Current Consumption

    The TMU is only active when the Brake or Directional Indicator (DI) circuits are used.

  • Intelligent Monitoring

    Only simulates a “bulb” when current draw is too low for tractor to read.

  • The TMU is Passive

    In the unlikely event of a TMU failure the lamps connected to it will still function.

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