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Bespoke electronic design manufacture partners to Vehicle Manufacturers & their Supply Chain

We work directly with automotive manufacturers and their own supply chain to design and manufacture a wide variety of electronic devices and components.


Bespoke electronic design manufacture benifits

Our current Bespoke OE Programmes include:

Alarms and Immobilisers

Supplied as line-fit, port of entry fit products or retailed and installed as manufacturer approved products by franchised dealers.

Stolen Vehicle Tracking and Telematics Systems

Supplied as line-fit, port of entry fit products or retailed and installed as manufacturer approved products by franchised dealers.


Controller Area Network (CAN) Motor Controllers, actuators and sensors supplied as line-fit products.

LED Light Clusters & Trailer Bulb Failure Monitoring Systems

As line-fit or aftermarket products via Truck-Lite.

Connected Vehicle Technology Development

Scorpion is heavily investing in, and consulted upon Connected Vehicle Technology Developments in four main service areas:

  • Safety & Security
  • Information & Navigation
  • Entertainment & Convenience
  • Remote Diagnostics
Our UK based R&D department design hardware and software in accordance with IATF16949 standards following an Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) framework. The department comprises of engineers engaged in: product design/development at PCB design level; coding using ‘Embedded C’ to design/develop programs embedded at microprocessor level; and engineers with expertise in satellite (GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO), GSM, RF and Bluetooth technologies.

Tracking, telematics and wider connected vehicle development combine in-vehicle technology with communications access via a driver’s own secure smartphone app or desktop software. All ‘ScorpionTrack’ and ‘TrakKING’ web-based portals and mobile applications are developed and maintained by our UK based team of UX designers and developers, with bespoke APIs and design customisation available to meet the needs of our vehicle manufacturer and larger fleet customers.

Prototype manufacture and volume production is also performed in-house from our state of the art manufacturing facility utilising surface mount technology (SMT), through hole technology (THT), automated conformal coating and automatic optical inspection (AOI).

Microwave Sensors

A case study of a product we were asked to produce and has been approved by Aston Martin Lagonda & DAF Trucks – the Programmable Microwave Intrusion Detector


Excellent alternative to the use of Ultrasonics in cabriolet type vehicles or trucks


Used extensively in vehicles where curtains may interfere with ultrasonic sensors


For use in vehicles where it is undesirable to have visible ultrasonic heads

Approved by Aston Martin Lagonda & DAF Trucks

Radar sensors use the Doppler shift effect to detect movement. The radar transmits a signal, which is bounced (reflected) off an object. The signal is received and mixed with the transmitting frequency. The phase shift in the frequency indicates the speed of an object moving towards or away from the radar sensor. This shift is converted into an IF output which gives a frequency of approximately 31Hz per 1mph of movement. The amplitude of the IF output increases the closer the object is to the radar sensor. The sensitivity can be set to react to the speed and how close the moving object is to the radar sensor to trigger an alarm system. Thanks to Scorpion bespoke electronic design manufactureUsing microprocessor technology it is possible to fine tune the way the detection is made and define what a trigger is and what is not. Fully programmable with a programming tool, certain parameters can be adjusted such as the detection range and the amount of movement required before a trigger is registered. Other parameters such as date and software version can be viewed with the programmer.
More Information
Programmable Microwave Sensor
Electrical/Electronic Specifications:
  • Programmable sensitivity; either stand alone or via communication from the vehicle
  • Thatcham / VCA / EMC
  • Approved by DAF Trucks and Aston Martin Lagonda.
  • Direct Replacement to Volvo Part Compact Light Weight Design
  • Designed for up to two units working together in one vehicle
  • LIN Bus Compatible
  • Beam Pattern can be bespoke for optimum coverage in the vehicle
  • Radar Trigger method: Monitored Frequency and Voltage
  • Trigger Output: 2 second negative output @ 100mA
  • Supply Current (Normal Operation): 1.5mA
  • Supply Voltage: 8v~35v
  • Radar Frequency: 10.587GHz
  • Max Operating Temperature: +85° C
  • Min Operating Temperature: -10° C
  • Microprocessor controlled


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