One car is stolen every 15 seconds worldwide which is a depressingly common occurrence; what is even more surprising is the fact that some vehicle owners do not secure their car at all. We at Scorpion Automotive have put together an 8-step-guide to help our customers reduce the likelihood of being victim of car crime:

1. Secure parking
If your home has a driveway or garage, use it. If you are parking in the street, park in open well-lit and populated area. If possible try to park under the sight of a CCTV camera.
If you are parking in a car park, try not to park near the exit.

2. Hide valuables
Don’t leave anything valuable in plain view, even if you are parked at home. Avoid leave a GPS holders, laptop stand or chargers as thieves may presume a high valuable item is still in the car.

3. Lock the car and remove keys from ignition.
When parked at home lock the doors and take your keys inside with you.  From our experience, we find that in some instances stolen cars have had the keys left in the ignition.

4. Don’t leave important documents inside your vehicle.
Do not leave documents with personal information such a bank statements in your vehicle. Nor should you leave your driver licence or vehicle’s ownership documents that could help thieves to dispose of your car.

5. Steering wheel lock
It is a practical, mechanical, visual form of security that can deter car theft.

6. Car immobiliser
An Immobiliser is an electronic device which prevents the likes of the vehicle’s ignition, fuel pump or starter motor from working by someone who does not have the paired immobilisation tag. An immobiliser is a good, relatively simple yet cost-effective solution.

7. Fit an alarm and always use it
An alarm will not physically stop a thief; however they are a powerful deterrent and won’t let a thief to operate anonymously.
Many of our alarms have an immobilization system integrated and provide a comprehensive protection.
Make sure you active your alarm every time you park your vehicle.

8. Car tracking systems
Generally speaking, a tracking system is a device that is hidden in your vehicle.  With these systems, you can know the location of your vehicle 24/7.
There are some companies such Scorpion that even have 24hr monitoring service and liaise with local authorities in the event that a vehicle is stolen.

We hope you found this article useful. Should you require any further assistance on how to prevent car theft, feel free to send us an email at [email protected] and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.