PACCAR Awards Scorpion Automotive its prestigious 10PPM Award

23 May 2017

PACCAR is a global market leader in the truck industry and manufactures trucks under the brands of DAF Trucks, Leyland Trucks, Kenworth and Peterbilt. As an Approved Tier 1 Supplier, Scorpion have been supplying PACCAR for a total of 12...


Scorpion’s Pool Ace, Ian Davenport helps England to European Eightball Victory

7 March 2017

We at Scorpion know we’ve true stars within our R&D department whose skills in product design and development are put to the test by manufacturers and vehicle users all across the world...


Scorpion Automotive Wins Northern Automotive Alliance ‘Company of The Year’ and ‘Manufacturing Excellence’ Awards

11 November 2016

The Northern Automotive Alliance (NAA) Awards, which showcase the successes of the region’s diverse range of vehicle manufacturers, supply chain companies and service providers, took place at the Hilton Hotel, Manchester on 10th November 2016...


Scorpion Expansion & Relocation of Manufacturing Facility in response to rising UK & Export Sales

14 September 2016

Scorpion announces the expansion of its manufacturing facility into a second purpose-built factory adjacent to its Chorley Lancashire (UK) HQ offering a further 6,500 sq ft of work area.


Come and Meet Scorpion at Automechanika Birmingham (NEC) on 7-9 June

23 May 2016

The first ever UK edition of Automechanika – the world’s leading international automotive trade fair brand provided Scorpion with the perfect opportunity to present its product range and provide customers with a sneak preview of some new and exciting developments that will be rolled out later this year.


BBC TV’s Thief Trackers Visit Scorpion HQ

12 May 2016

BBC production company, Crook Productions visited Scorpion Automotive HQ today to commence filming for the second series of the highly acclaimed ‘Thief Trackers’.


Scorpion’s Latest Manufacturing Investment Fuels UK & Overseas Growth Plans

28 Februrary 2016

To stay ahead of demand from an ever growing UK and overseas export market, Scorpion Automotive have announced a recent £300k capital investment in a new state of the art printed circuit board (PCB) production line, complementing its established in-house manufacturing facility.


ScorpionTrack - Technologically Advanced Stolen Vehicle Tracking

28 Jan 2016

The Northern Power House Tour

29 July 2015

Mark Downing, Managing Director of Scorpion Automotive Ltd and Gill Downing, Operations Manager, traveled as part of a UK Trade & Industry arranged delegation with PM David Cameron to Singapore and Malaysia. The visit by the representatives of the Northern Powerhouse region was intended to promote business ties with the ASEAN Region. Also attending was Sajid Javid UK Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills.

Have you ever wondered how a GPS/GSM tracking device works?

25 March 2015

The position on a GPS device is determined by GPS satellites (2) sending packets of information that are received by the Tracking Device (1) installed on the vehicle.

The lag or difference between packets’ arrivals is used to determine the position of the vehicle. The more GPS satellites are sending packets of information, the more accurate information can be obtained. This is also affected by how far spread the satellites are in the sky. In order to obtain precise location information the tracking device should receive signal from at least 4 different GPS satellites.

Analysing the data received from the satellites, the tracking device is able to determine the position, speed and altitude of the vehicle. In the case of our CAT 6 Tracking system, it also provides Free Low Vehicle Battery text notification, Tracker Tamper Alarm and Tow-Away alarm. All these records are transmitted to Scorpion’s servers (3) through the GSM network.

Our servers encrypt and upload this information securely to a Cloud-Based system(4) at which point, the information is available on demand to both the end user(7) and Scorpion’s 24/7 Control Room Centre(9). In case any alarm is triggered, our monitoring team will contact the vehicle owner and in the event of a Stolen Vehicle, once confirmed by the owner, the local police forces. Our recovery rate of stolen vehicles fitted with our tracking devices is better than 4 out of 5.

We hope you found this article useful. Should you require any further information about our tracking devices, feel free to send us an email at [email protected] and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

India Trade Mission

23 October 2014

Mark Downing, Managing Director of Scorpion Automotive Ltd, participated in an UK Trade Mission to India led by Vince Cable, Secretary of State for Business, Innovations & Skills.

The delegation visited Delhi, Goa, Chennai and Pune, where they had the opportunity to attend TATA Group Premises via JLR, one the UK’s biggest investors.

Scorpion Automotive Ltd already has an active presence in India with a subsidiary in the city of Pune, currently employing 10 High Calibre Professionals.

The Indian office acts as a hub for Scorpion Automotive’s Asian operations.

Product Review: Sigma S30 - Thatcham Cat 1 Alarm & Immobiliser System

20 October 2014

Providing perimeter and ultrasonic interior protection, this comprehensive security system meets and exceeds all the Thatcham requirements for a Category 1 System. These systems are amongst the most sophisticated on the market.

Some of the features of the Sigma S30 include:

  • Perimeter protection circuit for boot, bonnet and doors.
  • Dual circuit immobilisation that is passively arming – meaning no action is required from the owner to part set the system.
  • A battery backup Siren.
  • Ignition detection circuit.
  • Ultrasonic sensors. Intelligent, self-adjusting, ultrasonic sensors provide interior protection inside the vehicle.

The system also benefits from a theft protection feature that can be turned on to prevent the radio keys automatically de-activating the immobilisation when the alarm system is disarmed. In this mode the system’s PIN must also be entered into the keypad before the vehicle can be started further preventing theft of a vehicle even with the owner’s keys.

More information about this product can be found at: Sigma S30

Case study: Mass Movement Sensor for Aston Martin

08 October 2014

A microwave sensor is an active motion detector based on Doppler principles that transmits non-continuous microwaves. The signal is reflected from nearby objects and mixed with the transmitting frequency. The difference between signals indicates the speed of an object moving towards or away from the radar sensor. It is an excellent alternative to ultrasonic sensors.
In 2010 Scorpion Automotive was asked to design and manufacture a Mass Movement Sensor for Aston Martin Lagonda inspired on microwave sensors.  The developing process was conducted through Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) framework.  As a result, Scorpion supplies a reliable, robust and undetectable solution which operates in conjunction with an Aston Martin security system.
The device, which has a compact light design, is Thatcham approved and is Lin Bus compatible.
We at Scorpion Automotive have not had any single failure since 2010 when we supplied the first batch of this product.
Thanks for reading another successful story from Scorpion Automotive.
Should you require any further information, feel free to send us an email at [email protected] and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


26 September 2014

One car is stolen every 15 seconds worldwide which is a depressingly common occurrence; what is even more surprising is the fact that some vehicle owners do not secure their car at all. We at Scorpion Automotive have put together an 8-step-guide to help our customers reduce the likelihood of being victim of car crime:

  1. 1. Secure parking
    If your home has a driveway or garage, use it. If you are parking in the street, park in open well-lit and populated area. If possible try to park under the sight of a CCTV camera.
    If you are parking in a car park, try not to park near the exit.
  2. 2. Hide valuables
    Don’t leave anything valuable in plain view, even if you are parked at home. Avoid leave a GPS holders, laptop stand or chargers as thieves may presume a high valuable item is still in the car.
  3. 3. Lock the car and remove keys from ignition.
    When parked at home lock the doors and take your keys inside with you.  From our experience, we find that in some instances stolen cars have had the keys left in the ignition.
  4. 4. Don’t leave important documents inside your vehicle.
    Do not leave documents with personal information such a bank statements in your vehicle. Nor should you leave your driver licence or vehicle’s ownership documents that could help thieves to dispose of your car.
  5. 5. Steering wheel lock
    It is a practical, mechanical, visual form of security that can deter car theft.
  6. 6. Car immobiliser
    An Immobiliser is an electronic device which prevents the likes of the vehicle’s ignition, fuel pump or starter motor from working by someone who does not have the paired immobilisation tag. An immobiliser is a good, relatively simple yet cost-effective solution.
  7. 7. Fit an alarm and always use it
    An alarm will not physically stop a thief; however they are a powerful deterrent and won’t let a thief to operate anonymously.
    Many of our alarms have an immobilization system integrated and provide a comprehensive protection.
    Make sure you active your alarm every time you park your vehicle.
  8. 8. Car tracking systems
    Generally speaking, a tracking system is a device that is hidden in your vehicle.  With these systems, you can know the location of your vehicle 24/7.
    There are some companies such Scorpion that even have 24hr monitoring service and liaise with local authorities in the event that a vehicle is stolen.

We hope you found this article useful. Should you require any further assistance on how to prevent car theft, feel free to send us an email at [email protected] and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

It's Official – Scorpion Automotive is the best medium sized business in Lancashire !!

13 September 2014


It's Official – Scorpion Automotive is the best medium sized business in Lancashire !!
The Competition was fierce for the BIBAs awards. Over 1200 companies entered in 17 categories to be crowned the best in Lancashire and Scorpion Automotive picked up the award for the Best Medium Sized Business. Scorpion’s MD Mark Downing can be seen receiving the award from the Category Sponsor, Mick Gornall from Westinghouse, at Blackpool Tower Circus arena in front of an audience of over 1000 people last Friday night (12th September 2014)
Joining Mark on stage were some key members of the Scorpion Team;  from left to right; Joaquin Fernandez; Overseas business development manager, Ian Davenport; Head of R&D, Karen Hicklin; Global Purchasing Manager; Peter Horton; Senior R&D Engineer, Jon Hall; Process Engineer and Jean Carey; Production Manager. The Gentleman in the White Tuxedo is Kevin Roberts, the world wide CEO of Saatchi & Saatchi who flew over from New York to host the event.
The presentation ceremony was followed by a wonderful meal prepared by celebrity chef Paul Heathcote during which the guests were entertained by the world class Chamber Orchestra  Manchester Camerata, and then for the grand finale, the star of the show was singer Peter Andre.
It was a night to remember during which a lot of Champagne was consumed !!

Scorpion is BIBA finalist for three categories

04 June 2014

SCORPION is pleased to announce that we have reached BIBA's final in three awards categories:




Scorpion M.D gets his Black Belt!

1st December 2013

Scorpion is proud to announce Mark Downing Scorpion’s Managing Director on the left (with his instructor, right) has recently achieved a Black Belt in Tang Soo Do

Iveco praises Scorpion's Technology

22nd November2013

Excerpts from Iveco's Recent Press Release:

"One of the biggest problems with modern trucks are recurring electrical problems that invariably show as warning lights on the dash, often not serious enough to stop the vehicle from working, but can be difficult to rectify."

Scorpion bespoke manufactures the following Ivecos's Electronics Trailer Interface System(ETI).

"Electronics Trailer Interface System(ETI) goes a long way to eliminating several problems that can be caused by incompatibility between the tractor and various trailers"

"Like most modern CANBUS electric systems, the Stralis has compatibility problems with a trailer that has either additional electric equipment or extra lighting, such as the interior lights on a box trailer. If the truck electrics are not pre-programmed to identify this new demand for power, it shuts off supply. The ETI unit prevents this from happening, unless it senses a potential fault, and has a series of reset buttons that are easy to operate from the catwalk."

A gathering of heads of industry attended by Prince Charles and Camilla in recent tour of India.

10th November 2013

Managing Director Mark Downing of Scorpion Automotive and his wife Gill, Operations Manager, were invited to a Royal Reception on the 10th November during Charles and Camilla’s recent tour of India. It was at the at The Royal Western India Turf Club, Pune which hosted a gathering of heads of industry for a networking opportunity, Mr & Mrs Downing had the privilege of being introduced to Prince Charles, and in the picture Charles is asking Mark; "Do tracking systems actually work?" To which Mark answered; I would be glad to give you a demonstration!!

Scorpion Automotive Wins.. Company of the Year 2013 & Trade Company of the Year 2013

7th November 2013

Press Release

From the Northwest Automotive Alliance

Thursday 7 November 2013

Northwest Automotive Alliance Awards celebrate the success of the region’s companies

The success - and the diversity - of the automotive industry in the North West has been celebrated at the Northwest Automotive Alliance (NAA) Awards, which took place at Carden Park Hotel in Cheshire on 6th November 2013.

In the Category; “Company of the Year” award, two companies were recognized, Sigmatex (UK) Ltd, a company that develops and manufactures carbon fibre textiles for composite materials, and Scorpion Automotive Ltd, the UK's leading supplier and manufacturer of vehicle security alarms, immobilisers and tracking systems for light and heavy commercial vehicles who won a “Highly Commended”. Scorpion also won the Trade Company of the Year Award, being recognised for setting up an Indian subsidiary in just 18 months, for investing significantly in research and development, as well as achieving substantial growth.

The other award winners at the event were:

Business Excellence Award (Large Enterprise)
Bentley Motors
This award went to Bentley Motors primarily for a focus on leadership development across the manufacturing organisation and the introduction of a process of engaging all employees in shaping the future culture of the company. This year, Bentley has also been successful in winning the contract to build the firm’s new SUV at its factory at Crewe, involving an investment of more than £800m and the creation of up to 1,000 jobs at its plant and in the supply chain.

Innovation Award
The Innovation Award was won by FAR-UK Ltd, a newly formed material company aiming to bring innovative, cost-effective composite materials into production within the automotive sector, especially for mass market applications. One of the company’s new processes enables niche vehicle manufacturers to produce shapes with carbon fibre that are currently only achievable through metal casting techniques, with the aim of being a cost comparable solution, but with significant weight reduction. 

Supply Chain Competitiveness & Growth Award
ENER-G Holdings PLC
ENER-G designs, develops, operates and finances energy efficient, sustainable and renewable solutions on a business-to-business basis globally. Key elements of the company’s products are sourced from the automotive industry and the company won this award based on its introduction of a new supplier management system which led to dramatic improvements in quality and productivity.

Community Outreach Award
Leyland Trucks Ltd
Leyland Trucks has been part of the Leyland community for over 100 years and supports the town and various initiatives to promote its industrial heritage, most recently with the restoration of a Leyland Fire Engine placed at one of the gateways to the town. The company has a charity which supports the voluntary activity that its employees undertake and there is an extensive programme of working with young people.

The individual Northwest Automotive Alliance Awards were sponsored by Bentley Motors, Electron Technical Solutions, Festo, Industry Forum, Jaguar Land Rover, Morson International and UK Trade & Investment (UKTI), and were presented in front of an audience of almost 300 members of the North West, and national, automotive community.

Carol Holden, NAA Chief Executive, says “The automotive sector is an important part of the economy of both the UK and the North West. The region is fortunate to have a wide range of companies operating in this sector, supporting the automotive, commercial vehicle (truck and bus) and motorsport industries, and this diversity is demonstrated by our award winners and finalists. This is an opportunity to celebrate companies that are leaders in their individual fields and that have the potential to grow into larger enterprises.”

Additional event sponsors were Cheshire West and Chester Council, ENER-G, Getrag Ford Transmissions Halewood, MAS (Manufacturing Advisory Service) and TVS Supply Chain Solutions.

The UK’s automotive sector is a key part of the UK economy, generating around £50bn in annual turnover and delivering £10bn in net value-added to the economy. The North West region is the largest producer of vehicles in the UK, valued at over £10bn per annum. Over 17,000 people are directly employed by the vehicle makers and tier 1 suppliers in the region.

The Northwest Automotive Alliance (NAA) is an independent, not-for-profit company which provides a membership service to the automotive community, supporting micro-companies through to the locally-based global vehicle manufacturers. The NAA’s Business Excellence programme works with member companies to help them improve their performance.

The North West economy is currently faced with a significant opportunity due to the unprecedented investment in the UK’s automotive industry. However, for North West companies to remain competitive and win a share of the opportunities, the region’s automotive sector needs to be supported. The Northwest Automotive Alliance is working with automotive suppliers to help them gain maximum benefit from the growth of the UK’s automotive industry, so helping to improve the North West region’s economy.
Photo Caption; Mark Downing, Managing Director Scorpion Automotive (right) & Paul Moogan of Morson Group presenting the award.

Find out more at

International Motorcycle Exhibition, EICMA, Milan 7th-10th November 2013

7th-10th November 2013

Scorpion will be attending the International Motorcycle Exhibition, EICMA, Milan in November, showcasing their product brand Datatool - Our location will be: Pavilion 4, Stand C79   -   See you there!
To find out more email us on [email protected] 

Managing Director Mark Downing of Scorpion Automotive is to give an informed speech on trading in India at the Insider International Trade Breakfast.

Venue: MMU, Business School, Manchester, 
Date: Wednesday 15th May 2013

  • David Cornwell, managing director, Oliver Valves
  • Mark Downing, managing director, Scorpion Automotive 
  • Clive Drinkwater, regional director, UK Trade & Investment
  • Steve Toogood, regional director, UK India Business Council
  • David Walter, chief executive, Photolink Creative Group

India – the second most populous country in the world; an economic giant with global influence; and a place the UK is keen to build links with.

Insider is pleased to announce its third international trade breakfast of 2013, in association with UK Trade & Investment’s Export Week for High Growth Markets.

This event will bring to life India as a destination for North West businesses and explore the country’s complexities and opportunities as it navigates through the choppy waters of the global economy.
Double-digit growth just a year ago has given way to a slowdown, as a combination of weaker consumer demand and high material prices reduced the country’s economic performance.
But recent changes to legislation have made it easier for international retail businesses to locate in the country and its manufacturing capability is an attractive prospect for a number of North West companies, not to mention a growing army of middle class consumers with money to spend.
Insider’s breakfast debate on India will provide a full and frank account of how to be successful in the country and the pitfalls to be aware of. It will be an opportunity to hear from those who have done it and get their advice for your next move.
Export Week is a week of events across the UK promoting exporting to businesses. A series of seminars will be held to offer advice on doing business almost across the world, especially the fast-growing markets of the Far East, which are at the centre of the 21st Century growth story.
If you wish to attend an Insider event and have any personal requirements in order to fully enjoy your chosen event then please let us know at the earliest date possible.
We have an inclusive approach and wish to ensure that everyone who wants to attend an Insider event is able to do so and to obtain full benefit from being our guest. 
SPONSORSHIP - For further sponsorship information on this and another other North West events, please contact David Smalley on 0161 907 9721.

Scorpion Automotive at Auto Expo Delhi

1 May 2013

January has been a busy start to the year for Scorpion Automotive.
Mark Downing the Company’s MD travelled to India for the Auto Expo in New Delhi and then on to Pune for Meetings with some major players in the Indian Automotive industry. Whilst in Delhi Mark met with the British Ambassador to India Mr James Bevan, who made a point of checking out the Scorpion Stand. The picture shows MD and James Bevan talking with Scorpion’s India agent Jacob Thariyan in the background.

During the trip Mark had high level meetings with Tata, Hero Honda, Bajaj, Force Motors Fiat and Jaguar Landrover. There was a lot of interest in the company’s security and tracking products and the market is vast. There are 1.2 billion people in India but the interesting statistic is the growing middle class which is estimated to be in the region of 300 million people who are relatively wealthy and successful and will want to protect their property. This represents a market which is bigger than Europe!!
Further discussions have since taken place on a number of very interesting projects. Watch this space.

Scorpion's Answer to new Keyless Car Crime!

“Sophisticated car thieves can now plug into the OBD (On Board Diagnostics) port on your BMW or Audi and take control of the security system on your car. It takes them seconds to then program a new key and then just drive away in your car.”
National Newspaper see video and

The answer is to fit an additional Sterling Immobiliser from £129 inc VAT fitted by one of our many approved installers, and/or to fit the latest ScorpionTrack with KeyGuard which will send you text alerts notifying you when your vehicles ignition is turned on, whether it is stolen with or without keys. An alert will also be triggered to our ScorpionTrack 24/7 monitoring centre if the vehicle is moved without the ignition on, or the battery/tracking device is tampered with.

ScorpionTrack Update

ScorpionTrack, the latest technology  in Thatcham category 6 approved stolen vehicle tracking products has become a key player in the marketplace since its launch in January 2011. Visit the new ScorpionTrack website for information on protection for all vehicle types.

Latest News - M.E.N awards ceremony November 2012
Best consumer tracking system - GOLD - Best Security product - GOLD - Best Fleet Management system - Silver 

Trackers keep tabs on blood

12th August 2012

Trackers keep tabs on blood - Mark Downing, MD of Scorpion with NW Blood Bikes Team 
A team of night riders who deliver blood and urgent medical supplies to hospitals across Lancashire will now be able to have their exact location traced after having their motorbikes fitted with tracking devices donated by ScorpionTrack.
Read News Article…

Scorpion Automotive Ltd Awarded Contract with Toyota – July 2012

July 2012

Lancashire based Scorpion Automotive wins a £1.5 million deal to supply Toyota with electronic security for their high profile new sports Coupe the Toyota GT86. 

Scorpion Automotive Sponsors AquaX

Scorpion Automotive joins forces with AquaX to promote the Marine Tracker (ST60). At each AquaX event the riders will choose which rider is to win a Marine Tracker (ST60) that will be presented on the podium

Adrian Wilson won the prize in Plymouth for heroically making a 700-mile round trip on Saturday night to fetch a replacement ski from his home in Kingston-upon-Hull, after his regular 200 Class machine failed on Saturday. Adrian arrived back in Plymouth at 03.00hrs on Sunday morning and made the start line, only for the replacement ski to let him down!

Scorpion at Automechanika Middle East this week 22nd May - 24th May

22-24 May 2012

Visit us in Hall 6 - stand number 6AM410 - UK Pavilion

ScorpionTrack Wins Best UK Product 2011


Mobile Electronics News has awarded ScorpionTrack with the GOLD award for BEST UK Product 2011.
Again we would like to extend our thanks to the Team at M.E.N for another great event at the prestigious Sopwell House venue this year.

Scorpion Automotive Wins Best UK Business 2010


Mobile Electronics News has awarded Scorpion with the GOLD award for BEST UK BUSINESS 2010.
We would like to extend our thanks to the Team at M.E.N for another great event at the prestigious Sopwell House venue this year

Scorpion Automotive acquires DATATOOL in £3/4 Million Deal

16th Dec 2009

Mark Downing the Managing Director of Scorpion Automotive said “We are absolutely delighted to have been able to complete this deal to acquire Datatool from 21st Century Technology Plc. Datatool is the UK’s number one brand in motor cycle security and, thanks largely to the excellent team of people who have transferred with the business the company has an enviable reputation for quality and reliability.”

I would like to say thank you to Datatool’s Customers and Suppliers for their support in the past and I look forward to working with you in the future.

Scorpion team recently supported Thatcham at their Triple Focus event


As a UK manufacturer of all things electronic and automotive it would come as no surprise that SCORPION AUTOMOTIVE hold an array of products which hold the very prestigious Thatcham accreditation badge.

The Scorpion team recently supported Thatcham at their Triple Focus event where visitors form all key automotive channels were able to see the full product range as well as hear about the very exciting plans for future product development.

With a full handful of brands under its roof scorpion automotive hold Thatcham accreditation for no less than 12 available products plus the new Scorpion Track due to be accredited very shortly.
The line-up includes specialist HGV Scorpion products, Specialist Datatool motorcycle security products through to the excellently regarded ranges from Sigma, Toad and Sterling, not to mention the current range of tracking and the all important introduction of the new UK manufactured Scorpion Track stolen vehicle tracking system.

The team would like to thank the Thatcham team for organizing such a professional and well attended event.

Northwest Automotive Alliance - Business of the YEAR 2008


Chorley based Scorpion Automotive wins the much coveted 2008
Northwest Automotive Alliance
Regional Business of the Year Award for 2008.
Pictured is the company's Managing Director, Mark Downing, receiving the award
from TV presenter Gyles Brandreth